About Me

I have been quite lucky in life both personally and professionally. Personally, I have an amazing family that includes my wife, son, and two dogs; all of whom work to keep me on my toes every day. We all enjoy going to movies, working out/playing sports, and taking the dogs to the park to play fetch. Both my wife and I ran collegiate track and my son is currently playing soccer for his high-school squad.

We live in downtown KC and love it! The excitement of being in the city has always been a draw for us. We have lived in some amazing places (Chicago, New Orleans, San Francisco are a few...) and been provided the opportunity to experience some fantastic cities. We enjoy traveling domestically and look forward to doing more international travel now that my son is older.

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Important stuff to know about Brian's work history, education, and skills.


A web-site Brian has been building to share his love of coffee.

Dungeon Crawler

A simple dungeon game in which you encounter and battle baddies. Built using C#.

Wagons West

A remake of the classic game "Oregon Trail". Built using C# and the new card game version as reference.