C# Projects

Cryptocurrency Exchange

Cryptocurrency Exchange was a C# project built during the Team Build portion of the Centriq Program. I was paired with another student, Merle Mapes. The purpose of the exercise was to prepare students for real-life pair programming and sprints. We were provided a short project brief and given approximately 3 hours to work on the application. The following day we performed a Team stand-up to present our progress. Each Team was then provided with additional requirements from the client and given approximately 2 hours to complete the work.

The exercise was tremendously helpful as both a review of C# and as an introduction to the daily life of a developer. It was eye-opening to see the amount of work that could be completely in a short period of time when working as a Team on a project, despite only one person coding, compared to the solo projects we had put together up to this point. I had a great time coding with Merle and learned a lot just by watching his technique as the "driver". As the "passenger", I was able to continue to add input and influence the direction of the project. Had we not communicated so well during this exercise, we would have never put together as complete an application as we did.

The Cryptocurrency Exchange we created allows a client to begin with $20,000 in funds to "trade" for 3 different cryptocurrencies. The user can purchase, sell, and exchange currencies as well as check their balance before or after each action. The program includes several custom classes made up of fully qualified constructors and custom methods.

Dungeon Crawler

The Dungeon Crawler application is a game which allows a player to explore different rooms while battling a monster of varying difficulties during gameplay. This application served as an introduction to several C# foundations including, but not limited to, custom classes, random methods, enums, and inheritance.


A simple blackjack game built during a skill building session. Multiple students built out this application within 2.5 hours as a way to review and build on the C# skills learned previously. Students involved in the build included Andrew Bell, Luis Garvic, Nathan Geranis, Austin Hammell, and Brian Sole .

Web Applications

Web Applications